Maps on jailbreak and secrets

When you begin a map you will spawn as CT or T. If you are T you are in for some luck. On ba_jailelectric_large you have many hidden weapons to get. The first and closest one is in the 2nd top cell on the right. Go near the toilet and you will find a usp .45 on this gun you can attach a silencer  by right clicking obn your mouse unless you have changed your settings. Another gun is a scout rifle, what you do is go over to the ladder by catwalk and crouch- jump in the corner and you will go in a secret tunnel. Also dont forget your side arm, the deagle is located in the shower area( turn in on the first shower room and knife the vent or if you have a gun shoot the vent until it breaks).


About ngritzmacher

i am a video gamer and i then will write a review on that game and hope that people rate it.
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